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Economy Data Insights

Global Economy

World GDP Ranking , World GDP Per Capita Ranking , World GDP PPP Ranking , World GDP PPP Per Capita Ranking , World GDP Growth Rankings

Country Analysis

United States GDP by Presidents 1980-2020 , China GDP by Presidents 1980-2020 , United Kingdom GDP by Prime Ministers 1980-2020 , India GDP by Prime Ministers 1980-2020 , Canada GDP by Prime Ministers 1980-2020

Is India GDP target of $5 trillion by 2024 achievable?

Regions Analysis

Europe GDP Indicators – 2019 Forecast , Top-20 Countries by GDP in the World, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa – 2019 Forecast

Country Groups

G20 Nations GDP Rankings 2019 , G20 Countries GDP Comparison 2004-2023

Country Comparisons

China vs United States – A GDP Comparison , US vs EU – A GDP Comparison , China vs Japan – GDP Indicators Comparison , US vs India – GDP Comparison , China vs India – GDP Comparison , Singapore vs Malaysia – GDP Indicators Comparison


Other Data Analysis

Wealthy People Population Analysis

Global Millionaire Population Analysis, Global Billionaire Population Analysis, Global UHNWI Population Analysis, Europe Ultra Rich Population Analysis

Mobile Data Pricing

Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing Rankings 2019

Business Financials

Amazon Financial Analysis 2019 , Amazon vs Walmart – Financial Comparison 1999-2018 , Amazon Profits Exceed Walmart For The First Time